vCenter Server – Host Profiles error "the option uservars.suppressShellWarning"

Receive the error “the option uservars.suppressShellWarning”

This is due to a previous selection to suppress warnings for instance for enable SSH on your ESXi host.


To fix this you can either change the host profile to enable this suppression

Advanced Configuration Settings -> Advanced Options -> Advanced configuration option
Click the green plus “+” sign symbol to create a new option.
Select advanced option “configured a fixed option”
The name of the option “UserVars.SuppressShellWarning”
Set the value to “1”

If you don’t want to suppress the warnings anymore you can disable it through the advanced settings of the ESXi host using vSphere web client:

Select ESXi host -> Manage tab -> Settings
Select Advanced System settings
easiest way is to search in filter for “suppress”
This will list the UserVars.SuppressShellWarning.
Change the settings to 0.

vCenter Server – Host Profiles – set NTP

Setting your host with NTP services using host profiles requires a few changes to be made in different settings on host profiles.


Edit the host profile

  • Lets first set the NTP servers:
    • General system settings -> Date and Time configuration
    • Click Date and time configuration
    • Time settings – “Configure a fixed NTP configuration”
    • List of time servers – add server IP address or FQDN for NTP servers.  Use comma to list multiple servers
  • Now lets enable the NTP service:
    • Security and services -> Services configuration -> Services configuration
    • Select NTPD (make sure this is enabled)
    • On service verify the dropdown box is set to “Establish a fixed service configuration”
    • Policy that dictates how the service will be handled – type “on”
  • Now lets set the firewall rule:
    • Security and services -> Firewall configuration ->  Firewall configuration -> Ruleset Configuration
    • Select ntpClient (make sure this is enabled)
    • Verify dropdown “Specify the configuration of a fixed ruleset.
    • Check the box for enabled  on “Flag indication where ruleset should be enabled”
    • Check the box for enabled on “Flag indication where ruleset should allow all ip addresses”  (this is self explanatory)

vCenter server – host profiles error "host state doesn’t match specification…"

Setup host profiles and when applied on other hosts i get receive the error message:

Seems that ESXi treats SAS disk as shared disks instead of local disks which causes these errors when you create your host profile from an existing ESXi host.


The only workaround I found is to disable the following settings in the host profile –

  • Storage configuration – > Pluggable Storage Architecture (PSA) configuration
    • disable “PSA device settings”
    • disable “PSA device configuration”
  • Storage configuration -> Native Multi-Pathing NMP
    • disable “PSP and SATP configuration for NMP devices