New HTML5 web client fling 3.2 released

VMware just keeps steaming ahead and making great progress with the HTML5 Web client.  There are I really hope to see the HTML5 client have feature parity by end of year with the flash web client.

Here are some of the new standout features.  A complete list of new features, enhancements and bug fixes are available from the fling page.

  • Edit iSCSI Advanced Options
  • Chart for datastore usage by file type
  • Resource utilization charts for VMs, RPs and vApps
  • DRS per-host utilization charts for CPU and Memory
  • Storage DRS recommendations, faults and action history
  • ‘New Distributed Switch’ wizard
  • Remove Distributed Switch
  • Edit VMkernel adapter settings
  • Migrate VM: Added ‘Change storage only’ option
  • Migrate VM: When changing compute resource only, you can now migrate VM networking (‘Select networks page’)
  • Register VM or VM template (from a datastore’s File browser)
  • Remove from inventory a VM or VM template
  • Move a VM to a VM folder or datacenter using ‘Move to’ dialog


VMware Labs Flings: Lctree – Visualization of linked clone VM trees

Flings: Lctree

I was just pointed to Flings by the VMware support team.
These apps and tools build by VMware engineers are great and already found my favorite for vCloud director.

This tool is designed for the visualization of linked clone VM trees created by VMware vCloud Director when using fast provisioning.  
I managed Lab Manager before and always found the build in context view feature useful to show the relationship and dependencies between virtual machines.
This helped me a lot in finding the information about shadow copies in our environment as well as the visualizing the chain length and make decisions on when to consolidate.

Applications are not supported so no fixes and use at own risk.