VMware Cloud Foundation 4: What’s new

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Updated Software Bill of Materials

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  • VCF 4 will provides the latest versions for the VMware SDDC products.

Workload domains

Architecture changes

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  • Everything in VCF starts with Management Workload Domain construct, which consists of a management domain with 4 x ESXi hosts.
  • The management domain consists of only NSX-T (no more NSX-V) and has Private NSX Managers and Edge Clusters.
  • You can also optionally deploy NSX Edge Cluster as a day 2 action

Reduced Management domain footprint

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  • PSC’s are now embedded
  • NSX Manager and Controllers are now integrated since this is a new architecture design in NSX-T since v2.4.
  • Deployment of NSX Edge cluster can now take place on day 0 or day x.
  • Log Insight is also now a Day X action, which means you now have the option to not deploy it during initial workload domain creation, which is great.
  • With VCF making it super easy to deploy multiple workload domains for perhaps different customers or departments in your organization, these new changes will will now significantly reduce resource utilization on your underlying infrastructure, which now provides those resources where it matters, for your production workload VMs and/or Containers!


Workload Domain architecture design decisions

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  • As already mentioned your management workload domain now has its own private NSX-T Managers and Edge cluster.
    • You now have the option to deploy Edge Clusters into your workload clusters on day X and not just during creation.
  • Management domains instances cannot be shared with other workload domains, however with the new vSphere with Kubernetes, another NSX-T instance is required.
  • In VCF 4 you now have the option for a 1-1 or a 1-many relationship in terms NSX-T instances
    • On a per workload domain level, you now have the option to either consume and re-use an NSX-T instance or youcan deploy a new one of a per workload domain level.


Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle management now provides a new way to manage the whole data center infrastructure, not individual components

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  • In VCF 4 updates are applied per Cluster
  • Update, schedule and review updates


vSphere with Kubernetes (as it applies to VCF4)

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  • Fastest way to get Kubernetes (K8s) in your enterprise.
  • Automated deployment of containerized Compute, Storage, and Network
  • No specialized knowledge of Containers required.
  • Shareable Infrastructure
  • Fast Flexible Deployment
  • Create Workload Domains, Scale up, Scale Down, Delete
  • LCM of the entire software stack:
    • vSphere to K8s runtime

Couple of big things here is that SDDC manager is orchestrating and automating the deployment of your workload domain.

  1. Deploy workload domain
  2. Deploy NSX
  3. Deploy Edge Clusters
    • Edge clusters now the capability of profiles
    • There is a profile that is unique to vSphere with Kubernetes to insure that the Edges matches the requirements
  4. Enabled workload management
  5. Lifecycle the the entire software stack


Multi-instance management

View and Manage Multiple Cloud Foundation Instances from SDDC Manager

  • Quick and simple to Configure
  • Create a Federation or join an existing Federation
  • Configured with line-of-sight network connectivity
  • No additional components required or to be installed
  • Click-through to any VCF data center to centrally view patching, upgrades, maintenance and remediation operations



• Admin and Operator roles for API and UI
• Admin Role – All Privileges
• Operator Role – All Privileges Except, Password Mgmt, Backup/Restore, User Mgmt
• PSC and AD integration available
• Enhanced security API via Token Based Authentication
• Public API requires Authentication Token


(All images on this page courtesy VMware)



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