VMware announces general availability for all vRealize Suite Standard products!

VMware has already been teasing us since June 6th with the upcoming releases of the following vRealize Suite products:

Today VMware announced GA for all products mentioned, with what seems to be a unified message to provide one integrated architecture, with greater/deeper integration across SDDC technologies and multiple public clouds.  I like where this is going…

Couple of key take aways for me which are shared amongst some of the products (not all):

  • Redesigned HTML5 UI
    • Log Insight jumped on this long ago.
  • OOTB Integration between the different products
    • We have started seeing this with previous release but not going into full swing
  • Standardizing on authentication with VIDM

Release notes for each product:


Hopefully I can make some time in the upcoming weeks to dive a bit deeper into some of the features, but due to my busy schedule I am not holding my breath 🙂 Happy downloads!

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