SovLabs: Extending vRealize Automation to achieve an automated end to end solution

All CMP solutions let you deploy a VM out of the box, but what then?
We all know that it takes way more than just a VM to get a fully functional system.
There are many steps to consider when deploying a VM and application, here are just to name a few but this list can get very long:

  • Computer name assignment base on company computer naming policy
  • IP address assignment
  • Register with DNS
  • Join Active Directory
  • Appropriate security permission applied
  • Server build runbook applied
  • Get a virtual IP address from Load Balancer
  • Create/Modify firewall rules
  • Install application

In most IT organizations these steps would normally require a handoff between different departments and this is where IT becomes too slow to provide services and resources to the business to get their products to market faster.  Cue in “Shadow IT“.

If you want this extensibility you have to either develop it yourself or reach out to some manufacturer for custom services.  This is very expensive and might work on day 1 but when vRA or an application gets updated, and API’s change then your custom code no longer works, ouch!

SovLabs solution is great because it provides you with software that you can own and pay support for and provide the automation for all the steps mentioned above.  This means you can get to that Day 1 much faster and don’t have to worry about Day 2. Awesome where do I sign up!

The list of SovLabs modules available are extensive which means the business applications you use today is probably supported so SovLabs will just tie in directly without many changes required.  The following modules are listed on the website and can also be review here:

Core Pack:

  • Custom naming
  • Microsoft AD
  • DNS
    • Microsoft
    • Infoblox
    • Bluecat
    • BT Diamand IP
  • IPAM
    • Microsoft
    • Infoblox
    • Bluecat
    • BT Diamand IP
    • Solarwinds
  • Notification
  • vSphere DRS
  • vSphere Snapshot management

Advanced bundle:

  • Configuration Management
    • Puppet Enterprise
    • Puppet OpenSource with Foreman
    • Ansible Tower
    • Red Had Satellite
  • Service Management
    • Servicenow (SNOW) CMDB

Container management:

  • Multi-cloud Docker


In my upcoming blogs I will be showing just how easy it easy to install and configure these modules.



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