New HTML5 web client fling 3.2 released

VMware just keeps steaming ahead and making great progress with the HTML5 Web client.  There are I really hope to see the HTML5 client have feature parity by end of year with the flash web client.

Here are some of the new standout features.  A complete list of new features, enhancements and bug fixes are available from the fling page.

  • Edit iSCSI Advanced Options
  • Chart for datastore usage by file type
  • Resource utilization charts for VMs, RPs and vApps
  • DRS per-host utilization charts for CPU and Memory
  • Storage DRS recommendations, faults and action history
  • ‘New Distributed Switch’ wizard
  • Remove Distributed Switch
  • Edit VMkernel adapter settings
  • Migrate VM: Added ‘Change storage only’ option
  • Migrate VM: When changing compute resource only, you can now migrate VM networking (‘Select networks page’)
  • Register VM or VM template (from a datastore’s File browser)
  • Remove from inventory a VM or VM template
  • Move a VM to a VM folder or datacenter using ‘Move to’ dialog


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