vRealize Network Insight – Troubleshooting with CLI

I recently logged into my vRNI UI and received the following error:

  • “vRealize Network Insight Proxy VM is not working properly”
  •  “Some of the Data Sources are not working properly. Please check their status on the Settings Page”

To troubleshoot the errors I made use of the commands listed below. This is by no mean the full extend of the commands available but they helped me in my connectivity troubleshooting.  I will provide a link at the bottom to the CLI guide.

  • SSH into the vRNI platform and proxy VM
    • username – Consoleuser
    • password -ark1nc0ns0l3
    • Run command
      • (cli) modify-password consoleuser (ONLY available in version 3.2)
        • PLEASE change this default password to enhance security.
      • (cli) show-service-status
        • Found the following error, but the status change after I had connectivity between the platform and proxy VM!
          • error.JPG
      • (cli) show-connectivity-status
        • Verify connectivity status with all systems
      • (cli) show-config
        • Verify network configuration is OVA parameters
      • (cli) log-trace list files OR (cli) log-trace list applications
        • Shows available log files.
      • (cli) log-trace follow filename
        • Just like tail -f this show latest entries in the log file.
      • (cli) ping proxy&platformserver-fqdn
      • (cli) nslookup proxy&platformserver-fqdn
      • (cli) ping gateway



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