VMware SysTrack Desktop Assessment

I have to give VMware kudos for their  timely release of the Windows 10 readiness service tool on the first day of Microsoft Ignite.   Good job.  The tool is actually not created by VMware but released in partnership with LakeSide Software.  In order to get access to the tool you have to sign up and also provide consent for your data to be shared with Lakeside Software.


The tool help companies get a clearer view on the compatibility of their current Windows OS’s for Windows 10 migration, so lets take a look.

I do love that they provide provide the ability during registration to specify a partner and as well to shared all data with the partner.  Nice touch.


After registration you have to create a Lakeside Software user account if you do not have one already.

The SysTrack Assessment client needs to be installed on the child systems.  It is recommended to wait 14 days to capture enough data (min 3 days) to accurately reflect usage patterns for resource sizing and use-case definitions.

After client installed you have to install the SysTrack Cloud proxy service.  This windows service provides a secure connection to SysTrack Cloud for analysis of live systems and relaying data.

After 3 days the assessment tools  will be available which consists of the following:

Reports – Application Dependencies, Application Port Usage, Software Packages Installed, and the SysTrack Desktop Assessment Report
Dashboards – Data Quality Summary, System Hardware Overview Report, and System Demand Overview Report
SysTrack Tools – SysTrack Site Visualizer, SysTrack Resolve, SysTrack App Vizualizer, and SysTrack Image Planner
The most important report that you would probably want to view would be the SysTrack Desktop Assessment Report which provides the overall assessment

report that includes:
Enterprise Systems Summary, Environmental Compliance, Website Access, and Horizon Solution Recommendations

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