VMware Cloud Foundations – Workload domain

What is a workload domain?

  • A Workload domain consists of ESXi, vCenter, VSAN and NSX
  • SDDC Manager is used to create a workload domain which is wizard driven with automated host selection
  • There are current 2 different workload domains which can be deployed:
    • vDI workload domain
    • VI workload domain (Virtual Infrastructure or can call it IAAS)
  • Requires about 45 minutes to deploy which is crazy if you think about it since I installs ESXi on each host, install and configure networks, physical ports, vCenter Server, VSAN and NSX and have it ready to just deploy your VMs.
  • You can deploy as many workload domains as required.
  • Seamless expansion with additional hosts
  • Policy based control:
    • Capacity, performance, availability (networking, security)
  • Automated deletion and reclamation of capacity
  • Workload domain can be expanded, deleted as well as patched/updated through lifecycle management.


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