VMware Cloud Foundations – questions and answers

These are just some questions I asked related to the product during sessions and I will

Why use more than one workload domain?

  • Horizon view (VDI)
  • Prod
  • QA/DEV
  • Separate customer environment

Are network shared by default between workload domains?

  • No, individual VSAN, VXLAN networks created.

Can you setup network with universal logical router between workload domains?

  • yes

When you enable vROPS and or VRLI, does it create a new instance for each workload domain?

  • No, add-on applications like vROPS/VRLI is shared between all workload domains.

When login can see all the vcenters and hosts.

  • DNS/naming resolution

During initial configuration of Cloud Foundation environment through VIA (evo-rack imaging appliance), how is naming resolution taken care of?

  • DNS/naming resolution is handled by vrack management appliance.
  • Cloud Foundation uses own naming convention (can be changed)
  • ESXi hosts connected through IP address to vCenter server in each domain workload.

vSAN ready nodes

  • 8 minimum
  • Technically can be 6, but 8 provides the necessary recommended redundancy for VSAN.
  • 4 nodes for Cloud Foundation management cluster and other 4 for first VI (virtual infrastructure)

What if problem occurs during the installation process?

  1. Process will stop, logs can be reviewed, changes can be made to installation scritps and process re-run.
  2. Can also install/reinstall to individual ESXi host

What are the resource selection options when creating a workload domain?

  • Only per physical hosts (4 min)
  • Workload domains cannot be shared by for instance a resource pool

Is tags/ storage profiles supported?

Yes but it is not available natively within SDDC manager.  Storage profiles would have be create in vCenter server within each workload domain.

Are all vCenter Servers from each workload domain configured with advanced linked mode?

  • yes

How are PSCs configured?

  • 2 x PSCs
  • First PSC assigned management
  • Second PSC assigned to first VI (virtual infrastructure) workload domain.
  • Each additional workoad domain will round robin between the 2 PSCs.
  • Uses default vsphere.local domain name.
  • SDDC manager is connected to PSC.

ESXi host profiles used when deployed?

  • Not sure and will update when I have any answer.

Can  you attached other storage devices?

  • Can setup NFS datastores through vCenter server.

After deployment, how do you retrieve your application addresses so can login to for instance your vCenter Server, NSX Manager etc?

  • Management info tab provide in SDDC manager which shows all management software components and provides hotlinks to each!

Backups integration?

  • Not sure and will update when i have any answer.

How are passwords handled?

  • Cloud foundation will provide an application that will reset all the passwords which includes all hardware and software components.
  • It will also create a master password which is only available to customer.


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