VMware Cloud Foundations – Installation

VIA (evo-rack imaging appliance)

    • VIA was pretty awesome to see! I do hope in the future that this product will be integrated into SDDC manager so you don’t have to switch between the two.

VIA provides a UI from where all the necessary information is entered to setup the initial environment.  It will install the ESXi hosts, vCenter Server, VSAN and NSX software as well as all the necessary networks.

High level steps to bring up SDDC:

  • Physical deployment
    • Fully assembled rack arrived at customer
    • Power and networking connect per site survey
  • Power-on validation
    • SDDC manager and HMS brought up
    • System check against known good inventory
    • DOA, other discrepancies identified
  • Customer info input (Collected during site survey) (json input)
    • DC parameters, DNS, AD, NTP etc
    • IP address for vMotoin, VSAN, VXLAN
  • Management cluster
    • SDDC manager
    • SDDC stack brought up
    • VSAN datastore created
    • Vrealize products configured
    • Management packs installed and configured
    • HA for management cluster configured
  • SDDC ready to use
    • Workload domains created
    • VM brought up

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