VMware Cloud Foundations – Software components

External integration


Add-on components

vRealize suite,





App volumes

Cloud foundation

SDDC Manager, Hardware management services (naming resolution function)

SDDC foundation

Vsphere, VSAN, NSX


Ready nodes, private clouds

SDDC Manager:

  • Runs as VA in management domain, protected by vSphere HA
  • Roles:
    • Provision workload domains
    • Provision/manage/monitor logical and physical resources

HMS (hardware management system)

  • Manage/monitor physical servers and switches
  • Pulling information directly from hardware and not vSphere.

Infrastructure Manager (LCM)

  • Vmware cloud foundation
  • Two LCM VM’s in management domain
    • LCM repository
    • LCM backup repository
  • SDDC manager notifies when patches/upgrade become available
  • Administrator downloads and schedules updates
  • Workload domains updated individually

Lifecycle management:  Predictable, Automated Upgrades and Updates

  • Apply upgrades/updates per workload domain.
  • 3 step process
    • Software repository. (Interop tested software bundle)
    • Publication (create bundles)
    • SDDC manager used to deploy to workload domains
  • 2 different package types
    • Upgrade – mayor release (90 days behind)
    • Update  – point fixes (day or week behind)

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