Attending VMworld 2016, Las Vegas

VMworld is around the corner and hope to meet a bunch of people out there and looking forward to new announcements and sessions.

I will already be there this Friday to take part in the Partner Exchange over the weekend and will be joining Anthony Spiteri’s vGolf on Sunday morning as well as some other gathers like Sips and Stogies.

Here is a link to all the other gatherings at VMworld:

If you want to attend VMworld’s customer appreciate party on Wednesday you have to access your VMworld account and sign the waiver, since if you don’t you will not be allowed to go.  To sign the waiver can be a bit convoluted so you just follow the following link, click submit and next page you can scroll down and accept the waiver agreement:

Pasted image at 2016_08_22 10_32 AM


Some sessions and announcements to look out for:

I think VMware’s containers solution Photon is getting a lot of attention.

Looking forward to seeing the ways Arkin technology will be integrated into NSX.

Hopefully get the to hear more on vCloud director for Service Provider with release of Advanced networking services.

vSphere 6.5 (I am on the beta testing)

Seems to be quiet a few sessions on vCloud air which is interesting??

Some of the extreme performance series.





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