VSAN – migrate VSAN cluster to new vCenter Server

I had to recently perform a VSAN cluster migration from one vCenter Server to another. This sounds like a daunting task but ended up being very simple and straight forward due to VSAN’s architecture to not have a reliance on vCenter Server for its normal operation(nice on VMware!) As a bonus the VMs does not need to be powered off or loose any connectivity.(bonus!)

Steps to perform:
  • Deploy a new vCenter Server and create a vSphere Cluster
  • Enable VSAN on the cluster.
  • Install VSAN license and associate to cluster
  • Disconnect one of the ESXi hosts from your existing VSAN Cluster
  • Add previously disconnected Host to the new VSAN Cluster on your new vCenter Server.
    • You will get a warning within the VSAN Configuration page stating there is a “Misconfiguration detected”. this is normal due to the ESXi not being able to communicate with the other hosts in the cluster it was configured with.
  • Add the rest of the ESXi hosts.
  • After all the ESXi are added back the warning should disappear.

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