vCloud Director 8 – what’s new

I finally got around to installing vCD-SP 8 and here are my finding on what’s new and upcoming.

  • Support for vCenter 6.0
    • ESXi and vCSA 6.0 U1 is a big advantage to 5.5 and allow SP’s to take advantage of new features and optimization provided with 6.
  • Support for NSX 6.2 and 6.2.1!
    • This allows connection to a NSX manager instead of a vShield Manager appliance in backward compatibility mode.
    • When using NSX manager the VSE is deployed with version 5.5.4-2673026
  • vDC template
    • Create Organization specific virtual datacenter templates with pre-set resources delegation rule-set.  Have not tested this but provide some feedback later. 
  • vApp enhancements
    • Reconfigure of VMs within a vApp.
    • Reconfigure of networking connectivity and capabilities during creation.
    • I have not seen anything from a UI perspective on this but seems to be more under the cover work through API.  
  • oAuth for identify source
    • tokens now supported.
  • Tenant throttling
    • This prevents noisy tenants from consuming all the resources of a single instance.
    • Helps ensure fairness of execution and scheduling of among tenants

As mentioned in previous blog VMware did post about new UI changes coming to vCD-SP in 2016 and the following advanced networking selections seems to indicate this.  I did again not find anything in documentation on these menu selections but hopefully seem some of vCloud Air features soon:


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