vCenter Server – Host Profiles – set NTP

Setting your host with NTP services using host profiles requires a few changes to be made in different settings on host profiles.


Edit the host profile

  • Lets first set the NTP servers:
    • General system settings -> Date and Time configuration
    • Click Date and time configuration
    • Time settings – “Configure a fixed NTP configuration”
    • List of time servers – add server IP address or FQDN for NTP servers.  Use comma to list multiple servers
  • Now lets enable the NTP service:
    • Security and services -> Services configuration -> Services configuration
    • Select NTPD (make sure this is enabled)
    • On service verify the dropdown box is set to “Establish a fixed service configuration”
    • Policy that dictates how the service will be handled – type “on”
  • Now lets set the firewall rule:
    • Security and services -> Firewall configuration ->  Firewall configuration -> Ruleset Configuration
    • Select ntpClient (make sure this is enabled)
    • Verify dropdown “Specify the configuration of a fixed ruleset.
    • Check the box for enabled  on “Flag indication where ruleset should be enabled”
    • Check the box for enabled on “Flag indication where ruleset should allow all ip addresses”  (this is self explanatory)

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