vCenter Operations Manager (vCops) errors and not collecting stats (/data out of space)

Recently I logged into vCenter Operations Manager (vCOPS) custom UI and found that all objects stopped collecting stats.


Logged into vCenter server and tried health status tab but received connection error.
In Custom UI select Environment tab -> Configuration -> Adapter instances.   Edit a vcenter instance and selected test. Received the following error

 “Test was not successful.  Connection refused to host: Secondvm-internal;nested exception is: Connection refused”

I ran the same test on our VNX and Brocade adapter instances and received the exact same error.

In vCops Administration page under registration tab i selected the update bottom on vCenter Server registration and re-entered the password.  After a long while i received an exception error.
I went to status tab and saw that some of the vCenter Operations Manager Statuses was not running.
I tried to start the service but did not work and status did not change nor did i get an error message.

I SSH into the Analytics VM and tried to manually restart the service “vcops-admin restart”.  showed that the database was not coming online on which i though about looking at space.

Ran “df -h” and found that the /data drive was out of space.


Shut down vCops vapp container from vCenter server.
Edit the VM and add new disk.
Power on the vapp container.

vCops will automatically extend the /data drive with the newly added disk.


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