VMworld 2014 recap

Sitting at airport on way back from a very successful VMworld week and thought i would put some my thoughts into a quick post.  I am just going to briefly mention my highlights.  Some of these are existing products and nothing new to most people and then a few new things too.

  • It is like they say the future and the future is looking good.
  • vCloud director only available as service provide offering in near future…
Application director 
RaaS (Recovery as a service) 
vCloud Air everything
  • vRealize Air Automation
  • Virtualize the network and all the new features including 3de party integration, but the most exciting is the micro-segmentation from a security perspective.
Hands on Lab
  • This was amazing and a great success.  Look forward to running though all those lab sessions in the future.
  • 8th most taken lab at VMworld and received a lot of attention!

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