vCOPS: admin alerts for VIN adapter: resources do not receive data from this adapter resource

I was getting a lot of admin alarms within vCOPS for VIN adapters not able to receive data for resources.

VIN adapter instance: 200 resources do not receive data from this adapter resource

I believe the primary reason for this is because my vCloud environment is so dynamic with users deleting and creating new VM’s that vCOPS and VIN are not keeping up and non-existent resources are causing the alerts.

By default vCOPS does not delete non-existant resources but I found the following KB 2020638 which provides information on changing the schedule for when deletion of old objects will take place from vCOPS.


I changed the following on analytics VM for file:  /usr/lib/vmware-vcops/user/conf/controller/

deleteNotExisting = true
deletionSchedulePeriod = 12
deletionPeriodInHours = 6

restart the analytics server

  • SSH into analytics server and login as admin user
  • vcops-admin restart

This only solved part of the problem for me and I also had to disable access for the VIN user account to the vCloud director cluster so that it does not discover those VM’s.
I have another post which provides information on this:


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