vCenter Log Insight – VMware – vSphere content pack v 2.0 reinstall

After upgrading to vCenter Log Insight v 2.0 I wanted to install the latest content packs so I downloaded the VMware – vSphere content pack from VMware Solution Exchange.

I imported the content pack and I was prompted if i wanted to upgrade.
Not paying attention I actually downgraded the content pack to v1.5 which is the latest which seems to be available on Solution Exchange.

Here are the steps to revert back to latest v 2.0 content pack for VMware – vSphere:

  1. Download 7zip.
  2. Open the archive PAK file which is downloaded for the upgrade of Log Insight.
  3. Browse to \usr\lib\loginsight\application\etc\content-packs\vsphere\
  4. Extract the file content.json.
  5. Open Log Insight.
  6. Select Content Packs
  7. Select “Import Content Pack”
  8. Browse for the content.json file.
  9. Upload
This will now again install the latest version 2.0.

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