vCenter Log Insight 1.0.4 upgrade to v2.0.3? where to now?

So I had vCenter Log Insight v 1.0.4 installed in our environment and just never had the time to upgrade this until recently.

The problem that exists in that in the old releases the rpm file was used to upgrade through CLI.
In the new releases since 1.5G they make use of PAK files for upgrades through the web interface which is must more user friendly.

Well since I only had v1 installed and uses RPM it caused a bit of issues since only the v2 PAK file is available on download site.

To fix this i did the following:

  1. Download the v1.5 file from following location:
  2. Backups / snapshot your VM appliance.
  3. Copy the rpm to the VM, i used the \tmp folder.
  4. Upgrade Log Insight through the CLI by running the following commands:
    1. service loginsight stop
    2. rpm -Uvh loginsight-cloudvm-1.5.0-1435442.x86_64.rpm
    3. service loginsight start
  5. Now login to the appliance.
    1. Go to administration
    2. Under management select Appliance
    3. upload the new PAK file for v2
    4. Click upgrade.
This should be it and you should have the new version ready.


Upgrade log insight installed versions:|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=vcenter%20log%20insight%20upgrade&__utmv=-&__utmk=81845013

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