How to retrieve a VM log file through vSphere Web client

In the web client there is an easier way instead or using outside methods for instance:
SSH into host and upload log files to ftp site
GUI interface apps like WinSCP.

These normally have issues with copying of files due to file being locked while VM is powered on.

Firstly need to note the folder file name for VM:

  1. Select VM
  2. Select Summary tab
  3. On VM hardware window and select “settings”
  4. Expand the Hard disks and note the Disk File name provided.

To retrieve the log files following these instructions:

  1. Select VM
  2. Select Related Objects tab
  3. Select Datastores
  4. Right click on databastore and select “Browse files”
  5. Double click the folder associated to VM which was retrieved in beginning.
  6. Highlight each vmware*.log file individually
  7. Right click and select “Download from datastore”
  8. Select local folder location
  9. done!
If your server is unresponsive or crashed you can also export all the log files.  However beware this option will suspend or crash your VM so please use with caution!(KB 1007802)
  1. Select VM
  2. Right click VM and select “all vCenter Actions”
  3. Select “export system logs”
  4. Select system logs to export
  5. Select finish
  6. done

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