Dell DRAC and Internet Explorer 11

I don’t think i have ever had more problems that i have had with my IE browser and Dell DRAC interface 🙂
Seems that there is always something broken and can either never get logged in, or show me the turning circle of death or just a blank white screen.
I am still a big IE browser user, yes yes I know, mainly due to compatibility but I think it is getting worse with newer versions and the whole implementation of their compatibility view is just crazy. 
Already downgraded from IE 11 back to IE 10, hence why i am writing this email since for the life of me I could not get the DELL DRACs to work. Alas I am back on IE 11 and have this working..
If you cannot login and you know you typing the correct username and password:
Delete your internet browser history, trust me for some reason this works.
If you see blank white screen:
Add the site address to trusted site and check your activeX settings in IE
Add site address to the compatibility view list in IE
If you see the turning circle of death as I call it:
Make sure that server address as added to your Java control panel.
Open control panel
Select security tab
Set security level to appropriate level
Add the site address at bottom to exception site list to allow running after security prompts.
IF you still get stuck my final recommendation would be the following:
  • Upgrade your DRAC to latest firmware version
  • In IE 11 press F12 to bring up the debug bar.  
    • Scroll down to Networks button and select
    • Click on the “Always refresh from server” button (3rd from left).

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