vCloud Director: Error on provider VDC "No datastores accessible to VDC "

This normally happens when a new datastore is added to the storage cluster which is associate to a storage policy for the vCloud Director Organization.  The rule-set (storage capability) was not properly set to the datastore before it was added to the datastore cluster.

All the datastores, datastore clusters and policies disappear and you get the following errors:

Error on provider VDC:
No datastores accessible to VDC

On Provider VDC storage policies tab:
This storage policy is not backed by any usable datastores accessible from this VDC.
There is no usable datastore accessible from this VDC that supports this storage policy. Ensure that this storage policy is backed by at least one datastore in vCenter Server, this datastore is enabled in vCloud Director, and the datastore(s) are accessible by the hosts in the clusters used by this VDC.


Verified that all the datastores in the datastore cluster have the storage capability (Tag) assigned which is associated to the provider VDC.

Check Compliance of the VM Storage profile in vSphere Web client

  • On Home page, select Vm Storage Policies.
  • Right click the storage policy and select “Check compliance”
  • Select the VM Storage Policy
  • Verify everything compliant
  • Select Monitor tab
  • Select Matching Resources
  • Verify that the datastore cluster is showing up as well as all the datastores
Refresh storage policies for vCenter on vCloud Director System.

  • In vCloud Director, under vSphere Resources select vCenters.
  • Right click on the vCenter name and select “Refresh Storage Policies”

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