vCloud director 5.5: Catalogs problem #2 – Error mounting catalog media ISO files to CDROM – "This media type is incorrect. Media type ISO was expected." (known issue)

Catalogs has had quiet a big revamp in vCloud 5.5 with some enhancements.
This can be read in the “whats’s new” pdf:

We have a public catalog which is shared to all ORGs within vCloud.  This also contains some ISO media files for users to mount to cdrom of virtual machines.
However in order for a user to make use of a media file from a public catalog, that media file firstly needs to be copy to the local catalog of that ORG.


A users copies the media ISO file to local catalog however the file is not copied over correctly.
When users tries to attach the newly copied file from media to CDROM, the following error is observed:
“This media type is incorrect. Media type ISO was expected.”

The original media file for public catalog I am able to mount to CDROM on all VM’s within that catalog.
Once that same media file is copied to local catalog I experienced the problem.
When I uploaded the same media ISO file directly to users catalog I was able to mount the file.
No solution as of yet but workaround is to update the tables directly in database.
I just went ahead and uploaded the needed ISO files directly to the local ORGs catalog media files.
I was also able to locate the knowledge base article for the issue mounting ISOs after copying them between catalogs. This article includes the required process on the Database side to correct the ISO/Media bits for the catalog items.

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