vCloud director 5.5: Catalogs problem #1 – browser crashes on "copy to catalog" (resolved)

Catalogs has had quiet a big revamp in vCloud 5.5 with some enhancements.
This can be read in the “whats’s new” pdf:

We have a public catalog which is shared to all ORGs within vCloud.  This also contains some ISO media files for users to mount to cdrom of virtual machines.
However in order for a user to make use of a media file from a public catalog, that media file firstly needs to be copy to the local catalog of that ORG.


When a user log in directly to their respective ORG
Select the public catalog and go to media tab
Right click on media file select to “copy to catalog”
The browser crashes and restarts without any error messages.


This was tested on MAC and Windows with each of the following browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Internet explorer.
Same problem appears when logged in as ORG or system admin.

However it works fine when I login as system admin to main vCloud Director login page.  Only seems to crash browser when logged in direclty to any ORG site.


Do not share the catalog with the radio button “all organizations”, but rather select all the ORGs individually from the list.

I do not experience the same results as listed the following KB but same solution solves both problems:

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