vCloud Director 5.1.2 – Bug – Retain IP/MAC resources does not apply when you use the “Move to” task to move to new Storage profile.

In previous blog post I mentioned the usefulness of this setting, but during our storage migration to new profile for vCloud director we ran into a bug where this is not applied.
I have opened a case with VMware and they verified this as a bug and now has a SR.  Hopefully get this fixed within the next build.
My current vcloud director version where this applies:
vCloud director
Debugging the problem:

When you have to move vAPPs to new storage profile the easiest way is  to shut down the vAPP and select “move to”.

However when you perform this task the vAPP will actually release the Org VDC NAT’d address for the VM.
If you have any NAT’s configured on the Edge gateway, this will now be out of sync.

I will discuss this in next blog post.

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