Migrate Management and vMotion virtual Adapters (vmk0,vmk1) to new distributed virtual switch (vDS) without downtime.

  1. In Vcenter server select networking.
  2. Create new vDS on vcloud datacenter.
  3. Set the amount of uplinks needed and name them appropriately.  In my case we have two uplinks each for vmotion and management so total of 4.  Create the same uplink names as on original vDS.
  4. Create new Management and Vmotion port groups (different names, cannot be same) and remember to set your VLAN and balancing/teaming policies, but most importantly change the active uplinks to the newly create uplinks. (The upcoming steps we will assign the physical adapter to the active uplinks.
  5. Now go the Hosts and Clusters.
  6. Select the ESXi host and select configuration -> networking.
  7. Select vSphere Distributed Switch
  8. Now you will see both the VDS’s.
  9. Updated simplified procedure below for steps 10 – 13, however original still works as well.
  10. On the original vDS select the manage physical adapters.
  11. Now remove the physical adapter from the 2nd mgmt and vmotion uplink.  Keeping the active primary uplink in place.
  12. After it is removed select the “manage physical adapters” on new vDS.
  13. Add the removed physical adapter to the new uplinks.
  14. On new vDS select manage virtual adapters.
  15. Click Add
  16. Select Migrate existing virtual adapters.
  17. Select the virtual adapters (vmk0,vmk1) from old vDS and select the new port group name from new vDS to be associated with on move.
  18. After completed.
  19. Now run steps 10 to 13 to remove the physical adapter from the original vDS uplink and add to the new vDS uplink.
  20. done

UPDATE: Actually found a shortcut for the process from step 10 – 13
  • On the new vDS select the manage physical adapters.
  • On the uplink name select “click to Add NIC”
  • Select the corresponding physical adapter on original vDC.
  • You will be prompted if you want to move the physical adapter from original to new vDC
  • Whalaa!

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